100 S Venice Blvd #5 Venice Beach condo

Worked Very Hard, Negotiated a Higher Price.

Madelaine sold my Venice condo in the middle of the pandemic despite the relatively soft market in Venice. She worked incredibly hard, got brilliant photos, did open houses, endless showings, and was able to find potential tenants AND a buyer, allowing me options and the ability to negotiate from a position of power. Madelaine handled the back-and-forth with the buyer and his agent brilliantly and was able to get them to raise their initial offer to $35,000 over the asking price, and “as-is” which ensured a super smooth escrow (making all our lives easier). Madelaine did an absolutely incredible job. I am so grateful and will be listing another property with her soon. Thank you so much Madelaine!

Review submitted by Alex Brodie (Seller) on 9 Aug 2021