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Marketing Savvy Matters:

We create intriguing marketing materials, and ads, to make your property stand out from the competition using the latest technology. The right marketing creates a perception of value and is imperative to getting your home sold for the optimum price.

Pricing Matters:

Statistics show that the longer a home stays on the market the less a seller will net. The first 2 weeks a home is on the market is the most important time to capture a buyers attention, to get the optimum price. An overpriced home that has been on the market for to long, causes some buyers to think there is something wrong with the property and are less likely to write an offer. Pricing a home right from the signing of the Listing contract, simply increases your chance for a faster sale, at the optimum price, with less inconvenience for a seller . Madelaine plugs into, up-to-date MLS data, brings the most recent comparable properties , in depth knowledge of market conditions, to determine the right price.

Experience Matters:

Knowledge of market conditions, creating a perception of value, and in negotiations where experience really counts, can save time and money.  We understand the business of buying and selling real estate.

The Right Agent Matters:

Combine all these strengths with a well Respected Sales and Marketing team and you get extraordinary results. One fact is for sure, that people sell homes, not ads. Madelaine is a true sales person, through and through with over 20 years in selling.

Customized Marketing Plan with Premier Staging, Photography and Preparation,
By Madelaine K Properties

BEFORE: Photos taken with one of the agents, that did not get our clients home sold.

AFTER: A superior customized marketing strategy, made especially for this property, by our team, got this home sold!

Provide sellers with strategic execution plan about their particular situation from the beginning to the end of the process using  years of expertise, knowledge and marketing skills.

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